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Exhibition Submission Guidelines

  • Explain why your art is a good fit with the gallery.

  • Exhibition Proposal: This should tell us what the physical work is, what the general theme is, and give a sense of scale of the exhibition (how many pieces, what sizes, ). 3-5 sentences.

  • What ideas, concepts, or experiences does this body of work communicate? This should tell us what the work gives the

  • What inspirations or traditions guided or influenced this body of work? Tell us about the influences or inspirations behind this

  • How are the methods or techniques you use that are important to this body of work? Tell us how, or what, the choice of medium or process contributes to this.

  • Any special installation needs or requirements? If your work requires specific installation techniques or equipment, let us know what those For example, numerous electrical outlets, audio-visual equipment, or specialized wall mounts. Estimate the space required in square or linear feet

  • Provide a complete inventory of works to be shown. Include titles, media, images, and prices.

          Email to Catherine:

"I aim to create a comfortable space for art lovers to see a large collection of some of the finest contemporary artists on Gabriola Island, Isle of the Arts. I work closely with the artists and artisans and clients creating a space to show and sell and connect."

–Catherine Hallam

(Owner & Curator of Free Spirit Gallery)

Representation Submission Guidelines

  • Before submitting, please read our ABOUT sections to see if your work fits within Free Spirit Gallery & Shop's mandate. 

  • Then contact us via email, using the following guidelines:

  • Please include a brief portfolio of 10 - 15 images in .pdf format, links to your social media platforms, and an artist statement to I will contact you if you are a good fit for the space. 

  • I greatly appreciate the time, effort and consideration of all artists and artisans who submit their work. Free Spirit is fortunate to have the opportunity to review all submissions and encourage all artists to continue to pursue representation.

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