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the Free Spirits

Meet the amazing artists and artisans on our growing list of local Gabriola and BC talent. We invite you to explore our expertly curated collection of art, gifts, and curiosities. Unique art and objects will delight the senses and enhance your life with objects of beauty and wonder.

Aliska Liska - Full Sink Pottery

A mixed media artist and muralist originally from the Czech Republic, Aliska creates a line of one of a kind black & white porcelain pieces along with Nancy Alexander.

Bronwyn Arundel

Material, purpose, and narrative are the primary building blocks for her work. Ceramics as a material is immediately tactile and requires patience and perseverance. These qualities are the right amount of challenge and satisfaction to keep her engaged with the material.

Christi York

Much of her art materials are hand foraged and processed around Vancouver Island,
BC. Combining traditional weaving methods with a contemporary approach. Foraging for materials within the seasons, her work is quite literally tied to the cycle of
the natural world.

Corinne Flaws

Corinne is a photographer and visual artist. She uses a variety of mediums including acrylics, oil, alcohol ink and watercolour.

Deb Newberry

My work often portrays the flower as dramatically oversized. They are powerful and will stand up and overpower even us humans. I often think of the tenacity of plants. They just don’t give up! Humans as a species may die, if so the plants of the earth will thrive and blossom, even better without us.

Dianna Bonder

Dianna's imagination is a Carnival of the Weird....a road-side attraction that can't be missed! Her innovative, original contemporary surreal work is loaded with satirical commentary, whimsy, and bizarre narratives.

Gwen Spinks

Gwen works with acrylics on canvas, she love everything about them. She loves using palette knives to create rich textures; rags to create moods & contrast; brushes to … well, the rest!

Jade Zaworkski (Krupa)

Jade is inspired by Gabriola and her homestead full of animals. She creates beautiful mixed media work by layering tea stains, pen and ink, watercolour, charcoal and acrylics to each piece. There is a vibrancy and dynamic energy in all her work.

Judy Mountjoy

Judy Mountjoy creates beautiful artwork and translates them into collectable housewares.

Kathryn Lissack

Kathryn’s work is a coalescence of contrasts: feminine, bold, modern, classic. She is drawn to themes of femininity, homemaking, maternity and typography, which inspire her use of vintage elements infused with a contemporary aesthetic.

Laurie Burns

Laurie creates hand made art on Vancouver Island, reclaiming her original relationship to time, the natural world, and a hand made life.

Meghan Bellamy

Meghan Bellamy works with wood and watercolour creating layered abstract landscapes. She works with muted colour palettes and soft forms creating calming compositions.

Ocean Mussack

As she carves, she works intuitively with each piece, releasing the form that she senses dwelling in the wood. Her intention in sharing her carvings is to offer guests the opportunity to connect more deeply to trees. Her inner work is to continuously develop her attentiveness to the spirit of the wood.

Penelope Scott-McCaig

A Victoria artist with Gabriola connections, Penelope works out of her studio in Victoria, British Columbia, and spends half her time on beautiful Gabriola Island. The west-coast environment of her long time home of the Southern B.C. Coast has developed within her a strong connection to the natural world which in-turn informs all of her work.

Sarah Graeme

Sarah Graeme is an emerging ceramic artist currently based on T’Sou-ke and Pacheedaht Territory on Vancouver Island (Shirley, BC). Sarah’s work combines ceramic forms with plant fibers using weaving and basketry techniques. This combination and overlap in craft mediums and ways-of-making serves as a personal reflection in the context of materials, relationships, and place.

Susan Salvati

Based in Victoria, BC Susan explores the complexity of the female face in her paintings. Faces intrigue and ask the viewer to wonder about lived experience. Colour contrasts with the solemness of the internal world and a pressure to present differently to the outside. Her work explores the boundaries of the individual, an internal solitude, as well as the often concurrent longing for connection.

Tyrrell Clarke

West Coast Canadian Artist Tyrrell Clarke’s artwork is an evolving stream of spiritual images from the figurative to the abstract in nature. She is known for being a master colourist through her use of vibrant jewel tones and subtle glazes. Her canvases have a current of energy that invokes a spirit of connection in the observer.

Wendy Stok

Thistle jewellery is designed and handmade by Wendy Stok on Gabriola Island, BC. She combines traditional silversmithing techniques with a contemporary aesthetic to create jewellery that is unique, beautiful and well made. Her designs are influenced by natural forms as well as nostalgia for the beauty of bygone times. She aims to make pieces that are functional and graceful and sees wearing jewellery as an opportunity to inject a little loveliness into the everyday.

Amber Fiegen - The Hollowbird

Amber is an illustrator, artist, and maker! She create digital, hand painted, and hand made art work. She loves creating work that show cases the natural world, as well as small, unique, and sometimes misunderstood creatures.

Carolyn Bell

Carolyn is a musician and visual artist based on Gabriola Island, BC. Her work is rooted in emotion and connection with places and people she resonates with. From her ongoing Icon series of portraits to her expressionistic abstract oil and acrylic paintings.

Clair Muir & Mark Huisman - Marchlight Studio

Transforming salvaged wood into hand turned vessels with wood burned drawings.
Watercolour prints. Small sculptures. Greeting cards.Creating beauty and magic out of the unexpected, artists Mark Huisman and Claire
Frances Muir are the dynamic team behind Marchlight Studio on Gabriola Island,
B.C. Mark cuts, shapes, and turns the plates, bowls, and boards. Claire finishes
the works of art with freehand wood-burned drawings.

David Aris

David Aris attributes his work to many influences, not the least of which is the shear joy of creating. He creates realistic acrylic on canvas works with a focus on birdlife and west coast landsapes.

Deborah Dallyn

Her work is not media specific. She is interested in ideas about the environment both internal and external. She makes use of familiar found items that are carefully constructed into objects or installations that discover new narratives about old concerns.

Elsa Bluethner

Elsa Bluethner is an oil painter creating exuberant bold works imbued with life and energy. Her creative explorations span multiple disciplines and she is know for her plein air, figurative and imaginative abstracts.

Hilary Farmer

Current fascinations include the beauty of the natural world and the exploration of her inner world through a meditative and intuitive approach to creation. Both aspects have been deeply supported through living on Gabriola where natural inspiration is all around and peace for contemplation is abundantly available.

Jan Grenke

Originally from New Zealand, Jan has lived on Gabriola for a number of years. She loves to experiment with glazes and various types oif clay. Her work is both contemporary and traditional moving fluidly between different styles and forms.

June Halliday

June is a Métis artisan who has been crafting her whole life (cross-stitch, embroidery, sewing, and beading). Initially self-taught, she was fortunate to have wonderful teachers and mentors along the way, which led into her passion for beadwork — a tradition that spans generations and many cultures. June creates beaded earrings using glass beads as a way to connect with her Métis culture and history. Her work celebrates Métis floral motifs as well more contemporary designs.

Kim Fagerlund - Ocean Plaskets

Kim's basket work represents her concern about the profusion of plastic in the world and the increasing quantity of waste in landfills. This is a way of sharing my love for the ocean and our need to care for the earth. I am hoping to inspire people to the possibility of renewal and to protect the earth.

Liv Finley

Liv is 17 years old and loves creating earrings from polymer clay. She is based in Squamish, BC. Each earring is handmade and one of a kind.

Natasha Harvey

Natasha paints vibrant abstract and representational work as well as large scale lino prints. She works in mixed media incorporating collage into her paintings.

Ode Howard

Ode is a metal artist who is inspired by his surroundings, his passion for nature, music and life. His pieces are all hand cut and painted.

Sacha Arkhipova - WAIWAI

WAIWAI’s unique pieces are re-invented exclusively from leather scraps responsibly sourced from local leather makers. We believe nothing should be wasted. Minimalism lies in the heart of the company and is a common thread through the manufacturing process as well. Impeccable craftsmanship is the result of doing each step by hand and employing only basic tools.

Stephanie Artuso

Stephanie is a photographer and co-owner of Last Cove Candle Co. Her work is deeply embeded in the Gabriola Island landscape where she grew up.

Tammy Hudgeon

A self taught artist, Tammy's artwork is shown widely, both nationally and internationally. Among her many honours and awards, Tammy is a two time B.C. Glass Art Award winner and has been cited for her contribution to her local arts community. The scope of her work includes tiny glass gems, mixed media paintings and large scale glass, steel and wood sculptures, and anything else that helps her to connect to her authentic creative voice. Tammy openly connects with the wild spirit of life, and this joyful, soulful energy is imbued into her artwork.

Vicky Bowes

Vicky's illustrations reflect her love of nature and she's always at her happiest when painting whales. She likes to make creations that are fresh and fun and full of life - just like the spring tides here in the Pacific northwest. Nature is her inspiration and a splash of whimsy never goes amiss.

carol weaver

Musician and visual artist, weaver has returned to the fluid medium of watercolour, joyfully painting intuitive ‘drops of light’ out onto 100% cotton paper and foraged wood. Being so inspired by living on beautiful Gabriola, she adores exploring atmospheric and abstract landscape that resonate spiritually from her heart. She also enjoys creating greeting cards that include her art and photography.

Brendalee Astells

Brendalee came to art through jewellery-making. She created primarily in silver, which she prefered above all other metals for its lustre, its malleability, and the singular way it enabled her to give form to her imagination. When she came to Gabriola nine years ago she found the island’s beauty an irresistible inspiration, and began to reflect some of its natural forms in her unique silverwork and now painting.

Catherine Sutherland

Catherine is a BC artist whose art jewellery is inspired by her life lived close to nature. Her sculptural jewellery collections are complex one of a kind art pieces. Her customers are attracted to these unusual and delicate pieces and the high quality craftsmanship. Gems and metals used are guaranteed to be responsibly sourced.

Clara Brillinger

Clara is an emerging artist based on Vancouver Island, BC. Her artistic journey was born out of becoming a mother and processing her internal reality. She works in mixed media on canvas. Her abstract compositions are layered and rich in forms and linework and energy.

Deb Chaney

She has been painting for 20 years and her abstract mixed media work is spiritually inspired. The process of building the multiple layers and textures supports her being in the present moment and is part of her healing journey.

Devon Featherstone

Multimedia artist Devon Featherstone has been creating art for 40 years.
She finds her inspiration in the natural world. As well as her acrylic paintings, Devon also sculpts life sized native B.C. song birds from air dry polymer clay. With her eye for detail and accuracy Devon uses various small tools and acrylic paint to create a realistic representation and then mounts each
bird on local driftwood.

Fran Usher

Fran's mixed media sculpture work explores human behaviour, socialism, and passionate aesthetic outcries on behalf of women…this is the realm she operates in and always has. Her visual forms are filled with a strong narrative, with a want to affect change in attitudes.

Illze Bebris

Ilze Bebris is a West Coast artist and educator working in installation, sculpture and collage.

Jonathan Hoskins

Since moving to British Columbia I have become committed to pursuing professional excellence in visual arts; and making the results available to the public. I am now branching out into acrylics, and multi-media abstract techniques.

Karen Cain

The mindful act of constructing/deconstructing the surface, inscribing organic rhythms, and layering colour, creates a distillation of experience.Intuitive, expressive, sensual and transitory,
my abstracts are reflecting equivalents in nature. Themes of landscape and memory are evocative
of a moment caught in time.

Laura Handford - Moonshine Studio

Laura's original designs feel powerful and elegant when worn. Her trademark pieces showcase the vibrancy of the gem with simple, potent lines, letting ' the stone peak for itself'. Other intricately worked silver and gold pieces will excite and enrich you to behold and experience. As Laura's creativity is refreshed by the forces of nature, she continues to share with us her special brand of Inspiration

Marcelle Glock

Marcelle lives a quiet life in the forest by the sea, working from her pottery/sculpture studio on Mudge Island, BC. My continued awareness and respect for integrity of the medium and the elements recalls in my work a sense of primal reverence toward the natural world. Regardless of subject, however, my theme is always clay.

Nerissa Layton

Nerissa is a contemporary indigenous artist who brings a fresh voice to the awakening expression of current Canadian art. Intuitive imagery echoes tradition with an evocative edge of whimsy and the unexpected.

Paige Coull

Paige Coull is the owner and artist behind Black Bird Studios Located on Gabriola Island in her quaint home based studio, Paige creates, designs and teaches everything ceramics. With a background in textile design and photography Paige creates a unique brand of functional pottery.

Sarah Chiasson

Sarah is a bag maker and flower farmer based on Gabriola, BC. Her waxed cotton totes and backpacks are timeless and perfect for the outdoors.

Stephen Cole

For Stephen sculpting is a journey – the recording of a story. The stone sculptures seem to have a life of their own and know exactly what they want to be. He just has have to carve, listen to what they have to say and try not to take too much off. In return they show him what he needs to see, tells him what he needs to hear.

Tawny Maclachlan Capon

Tawny is a visual artist (fibre and photography) residing on Gabriola Island British Columbia. With her roots in the Toronto art scene, she moved to Gabriola with her young family in the 80's. Over the years B.C's beauty has impacted her work.

Vivian Sofia Mora

Vivian's line of ceramics, prints and cards are joyful and bold. She loves bright colours, cheerful patterns, and playful designs. And as she puts it "in an age of minimalism, I’m a bit hesitant to say - yes, I’m a maximalist."

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